21 Upbeat Facts About Uruguay

    1. Uruguay is a warm and sunny country in South America.
    2. It is bordered by Argentina to the west and Brazil to the north and east. It also has a coastline along the Atlantic Ocean to the east, south and west.
    3. The coordinates for Uruguay are 34.8833° S, 56.1667°
    4. The terrain here consists mostly of picturesque rolling plains and low hills.
    5. The total land area of Uruguay is 68,037 square miles (176,215 square kilometres).
    6. Uruguay’s population was 3.4 million in 2013.
    7. The capital is called Montevideo and it covers an area of 203 square miles (526 square kilometres) and has a population of 1.3 million (2011).
    8. The average life span here is 75 years.
    9. Uruguayans enjoy a warm temperate climate with generally warm and dry weather throughout the year. We’re off, are you coming?
    10. Uruguay is the only country in Latin America which is entirely outside the tropics!
    11. It’s also the second smallest country in South America; Suriname is the smallest.
    12. As is common in South American countries, the official language of Uruguay is Spanish.
    13. The Uruguayan Peso is the official currency here.

  1. With almost half of the population not following any religion, Uruguay has renamed many of its catholic public holidays; for instance, Christmas is known locally as ‘Family Day’!
  2. In order to combat drug trafficking, Uruguay was the first nation to legalise the cultivation of marijuana at home… we wonder if sales of Bob Marley albums rose at the same time?
  3. The first ever FIFA World Cup took place in Uruguay in 1930, which Uruguay also happened to win!
  4. Uruguay has the longest national anthem in the world! Sung in full it often lasts for around 6 minutes!
  5. Uruguay grows wheat, corn, barley and rice, rears livestock, catches fish and produces dairy products.
  6. Its industry consists of food processing, vehicle manufacturing, electrical machinery, petroleum products and transportation equipment.
  7. Uruguay also exports rice, meat, fish, wool, leather products and vehicles.
  8. The international dialling code for Uruguay is 00598, which, might we add, we provide super cheap calls to!

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