21 Notable Facts about Namibia

    1. Namibia is a sub-Saharan country in south-west Africa.
    2. It shares a border with Angola to the north, Botswana and Zimbabwe to the east and South Africa to the south. The Atlantic Ocean sits to the west of the country.
    3. Namibia’s population was 2.3 million in 2013.
    4. This sparsely populated country has an area of 318,261 square miles (824,292 square kilometres).
    5. The capital city is called Windhoek; it covers an area of 249 square miles (645 square kilometres) and has a population of 322,500 (2014).
    6. The coordinates for this hot desert country are 22.5700° S, 17.0861°
    7. The terrain here is mostly high plateau with the Namib Desert on the western coastline and the Kalahari Desert in the east.
    8. At over 55 million years old, the Namib Desert is the oldest desert in the world!

  1. The Welwitschia Mirabilis can be found in the Namib Desert – an incredible plant that can live for over 1,000 years!
  2. Namibia has a desert climate with hot, dry weather and sporadic rainfall.
  3. The average life expectancy here is 49 years.
  4. With an incredible length of 161km, width of 27km and depth of 550m, Fish River Canyon is the 2nd largest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon.
  5. Watch out! Namibia has the largest population of free-roaming Cheetahs in the world!
  6. Amazingly, Namibia is reportedly home to the largest single piece of meteor on earth! It weighs an incredible 66 tonnes!
  7. The currency of Namibia is the Namibian Dollar, which is linked to the South African Rand and thus maintains the same value.
  8. Namibia is home to Dragon’s Breath Cave; only discovered in 1986 by explorers, it is home to the world’s largest underground non-subglacial lake! It also happens to be the only place on earth where the endangered species Golden Cave Catfish live!
  9. The official language of Namibia is English!
  10. They grow millet, peanuts and sorghum, rear livestock and catch fish.
  11. The country’s industry consists of meat packing, fish processing, dairy products and mining
  12. Namibia exports copper, gold, diamonds, lead and zinc.
  13. The international dialling code for Namibia is 00264.  If you want to learn how to make cheap calls to Namibia, just click here.

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