21 Crazy Facts About Cameroon

Looking to increase your worldly knowledge? Take a look at these 21 facts about Cameroon!

Geographical stats…

  1. Cameroon is a beautiful, wildlife-rich country in Central Africa.
  2. It is bordered by Chad to the northeast, Central African Republic to the east, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and the Republic of the Congo to the south and Nigeria to the west. It also has a coastline along the South Atlantic Ocean to the southwest.
  3. Fancy trekking through the jungle or hiking up the mountains? Head for the coordinates of 3.8667° N, 11.5167° E to enjoy your own Cameroonian adventure!
  4. The terrain here is a mix of desert plains in the north, rainforest in the south and stunning mountains in the centre.
  5. The total land area of Cameroon is 183,569 square miles (475,442 square kilometres)…
  6. …that’s roughly the same size as Spain.
  7. Cameroon’s population was 23,739,218 in 2015…
  8. …that’s only half the population of Spain!
  9. Ever wondered what residents here are known as? They’re called Cameroonians!
  10. The capital is Yaoundé; it covers an area of 70 square miles (180 square kilometres) and had a population of 3,066,000 in 2015.
  11. Cameroonians enjoy a climate that varies with the terrain, with the north experiencing a semiarid climate, moving to tropical along the coast.
  12. Standing at an incredible 13,250 feet, Mount Cameroon is an active volcano and the highest mountain in sub-Saharan western and central Africa.
  13. Cameroon boasts many beautiful and interesting species of wild animal, including the Cross River Gorilla, Moustached Monkey, Black Rhinoceros, Forest Warbler, African Elephant, Cheetah, and many, many more!

Social intricacies

  1. The official languages of Cameroon are French and English, although there are around 24 other major local languages spoken here too.
  2. Like many African nations, the official currency of Cameroon is CFA Franc.
  3. The average life span here is 58 years.
  4. After being ruled by Germany, France and England, Cameroon finally gained independence in 1960.

Industry insights…

  1. Cameroon grows coffee, cacao, rubber and cotton; they also rear livestock and produce timber.
  2. Its industry consists of petroleum production and refining, textiles, food processing and light consumer goods.
  3. The main exports consist of lumber, crude oil and petroleum products, cacao and aluminium.

Bonus Fact!

  1. Do you know someone lucky enough to live in Cameroon? You can make cheap calls to Cameroon with Cherry Call – don’t forget, you’ll also need to use the international dialling code of 00237.

To keep up-to-date with what’s going on in Cameroon, head over to the Cameroon Postline website.

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