20 Sizzling Facts about Switzerland

    1. Switzerland is a mountainous landlocked country in the middle of Europe.
    2. On its northern border is Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein are to the east, Italy is to the south and France to the west.
    3. It has a total area of 15,940 square miles (41,285 square kilometres).
    4. The coordinates for Switzerland are 46.8333° N, 8.3333°
    5. It is also known as ‘Confoederatio Helvetica’ meaning ‘Swiss Confederation’ in Latin, hence CH on Swiss car number plates!
    6. Switzerland’s population was 8.1 million in 2013.
    7. The capital is Bern which has an area of 19.9 square miles (51.6 square kilometres) and a population of 128,848 (2013).

  1. The average life span here is a staggering 82.7 years!
  2. The currency of Switzerland is the Swiss Franc.
  3. In Switzerland, all healthy men aged 18-34 are obligated to complete military service and as a part of which, are all issued with pistols or assault rifles to keep at home…
  4. … yet despite the incredible amount of guns in family residences, Switzerland has one of the lowest crime rates in the world!
  5. Switzerland has 4 official languages; Swiss German, French, Italian and Romansh.
  6. There is a long tradition of high quality watchmaking in Switzerland, with many of the world’s top luxury brands based here. In fact, the wristwatch was invented in Switzerland by Patek Philippe!
  7. School children in Switzerland usually come home to eat with their mothers at lunchtime and are given a couple of hours off to do so. What a lovely idea!
  8. Did you know Swiss army knives are red so that they can be seen in the snow?
  9. In Switzerland they grow fruit and vegetables, grains and meat.
  10. They produce chemicals, machinery, watches, textiles and precision instruments…
  11. … and export watches, machinery, metals, chemicals and agricultural products.
  12. According to the Quality of Life Index (2013) conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Switzerland is the best place in the world to be born!
  13. The international dialling code for Switzerland is 0041.  Click here to find out how to make super-cheap calls to Switzerland with Cherry Call.

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