20 Revealing Facts About Reunion

    1. Reunion is a small French overseas territory in the Indian Ocean.
    2. Its nearest countries are Seychelles to the north, Mauritius to the north east and Madagascar to the west.
    3. For a wonderful experience of mountain climbing and snorkelling alongside dolphins, head for the coordinates of Reunion which are 21.1144° S, 55.5325°
    4. The terrain here is a delightful mix of coastal lowlands, with inland mountains and it even features an active volcano!
    5. The total land area of Reunion is a cosy 969.9 square miles (2,512 square kilometres).
    6. Reunion’s population was 843,617 in 2015.
    7. The capital is Saint-Denis, which covers an area of 4.8 square miles (12.4 square kilometres) and has a population of 106,785 (2010).
    8. The average life span here is an impressive 80 years.

  1. Piton de la Fournaise is an active volcano on the eastern side of Reunion; it has erupted on more than 100 occasions since 1640!
  2. The climate of Reunion is tropical, although the precipitation levels vary wildly throughout the island. Despite its small stature, the eastern side of the island can experience 6 times more rain than the western side! Incredible!
  3. Animal lovers will feel right at home in Reunion, especially those who favour creatures of the sea. Off the coral-rich shores it is possible to watch parrot fish, sea turtles, dolphins and even humpback whales!
  4. Did you know, Reunion was part of the British Empire from 1810 to 1815?
  5. The official language of Reunion is French, although Reunion Creole is a widely spoken native language.
  6. Despite being located next to Africa in the Indian Ocean, Reunion is a ‘Special Member State’ of the European Union, due to being a French overseas territory!
  7. As part of the EU, Euro is the official currency here.
  8. Reunion culture is a varied mix of other cultures, influenced by Africa, Europe, China and India. The local food and drink showcases a similar influence from each individual culture.
  9. Reunion grows sugar, vanilla, fruits and vegetables, catches fish and produces rum. Delicious!
  10. Its industry consists of tourism, sugar, rum, handicrafts and flower oil extraction.
  11. Reunion exports sugar, rum, vanilla and seafood.
  12. The international dialling code for Reunion is 00262.  Click here to find out how to make cheap calls to Reunion with Cherry Call

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