20 Diverse Facts About Dominica

Do you have family in Dominica or are you hoping to make its sandy beaches and rugged rainforest your new home? Take a look at these 20 facts about Dominica to boost your local knowledge!

Geographical stats

  1. Dominica is a tiny mountainous island nation in the Caribbean Sea.
  2. Its nearest neighbours are Guadeloupe and Antigua & Barbuda to the north and Martinique and St Lucia to the south.
  3. To land on Dominica’s sandy shores, head for the coordinates 15.3000° N, 61.3833°
  4. The terrain here is dominated by beautifully rugged volcanic mountains, covered in tropical rainforest.
  5. The total land area of Dominica is 290 square miles (751 square kilometres)…
  6. …that’s around twice the size of Peterborough!
  7. Dominica’s population was 73,607 in 2015…
  8. …that’s less than half the population of Peterborough!
  9. Residents here are known as Dominicans.
  10. The capital of this wonderful country is Roseau; it had a population of 15,000 in 2014.
  11. Dominicans enjoy a tropical climate that is moderated by northeast trade winds.
  12. Dominica is home to the incredible Boiling Lake. This wonder of nature and UNESCO World Heritage Site is a flooded fumarole that is around 195 feet deep and is heated by gasses escaping from the molten lava below the earth’s crust.
  13. There are 8 plant, 2 reptile and 2 land bird species that are endemic to Dominica!

Social intricacies

  1. Hoping to speak the local lingo? Well you’re in luck as the official language of Dominica is English!
  2. East Caribbean Dollar is the official currency here, so remember to exchange your GBP before you leave.
  3. The average life span in Dominica is 73 years.

Industry insights

  1. Dominica grows bananas, mangoes, root crops and citrus fruits – always something to eat, delicious!
  2. Its industry consists of tourism, soap, coconut oil and copra.
  3. Dominica exports bananas, grapefruit, soap, bay oil and vegetables.

Bonus Fact!

  1. Do you know someone lucky enough to live in sunny Dominica? You can call make cheap calls to Dominica through Cherry Call – don’t forget to use the international dialling code of 001767.

Would you like to know what’s new in Dominica? Head over to the Dominica News Online website to find out!

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