17 Cracking Facts About Comoros

    1. Comoros is a small archipelago of 4 volcanic islands in the Indian Ocean, off the eastern coast of Africa.
    2. Its nearest neighbours are Tanzania to the northwest, Glorioso Islands to the east, Madagascar and Mayotte to the southwest and Mozambique to the west.
    3. The coordinates for Comoros are 11.6833° S, 43.2667°
    4. The terrain is mixed across the islands, with some containing low hills and others steep mountains.
    5. The total land area of this country is 719 square miles (1,862 square kilometres).
    6. Comoros’s population was 734,917 in 2013.
    7. The capital is Moroni, which covers an area of 11.6 square miles (30 square kilometres) and has a population of 60,200 (2013).
    8. The average life span here is 56 years.
    9. The climate of Comoros is tropical marine, with a rainy season from November to May… bit like the UK, you could say!

  1. Comoros is the worlds largest producer of ylang ylang, an essential oil which is used in many fragrance oils, and the second largest producer of vanilla!
  2. There are around 20 species of bird that are endemic to Comoros, along with the Mongoose Lemur, which after being introduced from Madagascar, is now only found on 2 islands in Comoros!
  3. Comoros actually has three official languages; French, Comorian and Arabic.
  4. If you plan on taking some ylang ylang essential oil or some vanilla back with you as holiday gifts, make sure you stock up on Comoran Francs, which is the official currency here.
  5. Comoros grows cloves, vanilla, copra and perfume essences and catches fish.
  6. Its industry consists of tourism and perfume distillation.
  7. Comoros also exports ylang ylang, vanilla, copra, cloves and perfume oil.
  8. The international dialling code for Comoros is 00269.  Click here to find out how to make cheap calls to Comoros with Cherry Call

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