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National Cut Your Energy Costs Day 2017

Turn down the heating, fix that leaking tap and switch off the telly, for Tuesday 10th January is National Cut Your Energy Costs day! According to the Energy Saving Trust, turning appliances off standby mode could save you around £30 per year, whilst filling up a washing bowl rather than constantly running the tap during […]

Ditch the Social Media and Pick Up the Phone!

The fire is alight, the tree is twinkling and everyone’s smiling – quick! Take a picture! Photographing memories to share and reminisce over is part of what life is all about, however, a recent study by the University of Copenhagen suggests that excessive use of social media over the festive period can create feelings of […]

Wishing You a Happy New Year!

Somehow 2016 has already come to an end, and a wonderful new year is about to start – a year full of excitement, possibility and best of all, New Years resolutions! We love a good New Years resolution here at Cherry Call HQ, Loretta’s resolutions usually involve Pierce Brosnan and chocolate, but we won’t go […]

Give the Gift of Christmas

Christmas is the season of giving, receiving, communicating and loving, so spread the joy this winter with the gift your nearest and dearest are sure to love… a Cherry Call Phone Card! Connecting your loved ones with their friends and family in far flung destinations is a sure fire way to place a huge beaming […]

Christmas Calls with a Cherry on Top!

It’s very nearly that time of year again – chestnuts will soon be roasting on open fires, whilst Jack Frost nips at your nose… the cheeky so-and-so! Whilst Mr Frost may well do his damnedest to make you look like Rudolf, there’ll be no nipping at your wallet thanks to Cherry Call! We’re the home […]