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Could your business benefit from a Telephone Answering Service?

Hello Cherry Callers, we’re writing today to let you know about our new sister company: Call Center specialises in providing businesses all over the UK with a professional telephone answering service solution for their overflow calls What is a call answering service I hear you ask? A call answering service is designed to take any […]

The Blackberry and its QWERTY Keyboard is Back!

In our last blog we gave you the heads up about the Nokia 3310 comeback and this week we’re bringing you news of yet another mobile revival. Be prepared to welcome the love-it-or-hate-it Blackberry back in 2017! Back in 2016 Blackberry announced its plans to end the production of its handsets and outsource development to […]

The Return of the Mighty 3310

What could survive an apocalypse, has a place in our hearts and paved the way for mobile gaming with a block-eating snake? The mighty Nokia 3310, of course! Paving the way, one brick at a time Having been withdrawn from the market in 2005, the iconic design of our favourite pocket phone has been relaunched […]