Cheap Calls to Turkey

Cheap Calls to Turkey

Call Turkey from your mobile for just 4.0p/min!

Follow these simple steps:

  1. From your mobile, text the word CHERRY to 68888 to buy £5 of calling credit. Total cost is £5 + one standard network rate text. You’ll receive £5 worth of international calls as per our price list.
  2. You’ll receive a text back from us immediately, with a unique PIN
  3. Dial 0161 328 2820 followed by your PIN and then your international number, starting 00 as normal.

Forgotten your PIN? Click here

Please note: We are currently unable to provide this service to Virgin customers. Please check back soon.

  • Calls to Landlines: 4.0p/min
  • Calls to Mobiles: 15.0p/min

Totally outrageous savings when you Cherry Call from your mobile

If you thought Cherry Call was cheap, take a deep breath because, savings-fans, this new service is EVEN CHEAPER. Gadzooks, forsooth and hey nonny nonny!

Our International Mobile Package guarantees you absolutely outrageous savings when you use your mobile regularly for international calls.

Here are just a handful of price-blasting examples to get your mouth watering: call Australia from your mobile for 2.5p a minute, the USA for 1.5p, Canada for 1.5p, India from 2p. Thailand 2.5p, Pakistan from 7p and Turkey from 4p.

And pause for a mo to compare these prices with what you’d pay with BT. For example, a call to India with BT from a landline would cost 40p a minute.
But with Cherry Call’s International Mobile Package you only pay 2 PENCE A MINUTE – a bingo bonanza bonzai saving of 38p a minute!

And if the price wasn’t enough, you’ve also got all the extra handy convenience of calling from your whenever-the-mood-takes-you mobile not your wired-to-the-wall landline.

Here’s how it works:

You simply pay us an upfront deposit of £5, which you pay by sending us a text from the mobile you want to use for your overseas calls.

Then you simply dial a special code before each overseas number to activate your discount call charges.

Itching to start saving? …

Here’s what to do to activate the service right now:

  1. Using your mobile phone, text the message CHERRY to 68888. You’ll be charged £5 for this text which is your pre-pay deposit for £5 worth of calls on the new service.
  2. Next call 0161 328 2820 from the same mobile phone you used to send the text message. (Calls to this number are included in your monthly minutes, or are charged at your mobile provider’s standard rate.)
  3. Once you run out of credit, you’ll need to re-text CHERRY to 68888 to continue using the service.

*Sorry, we are unable to process requests from Virgin Mobile customers

Popular destinations

Click here to find out the cost of calling all destinations, or here to view our FAQs.

Terms of Service

Texts to 68888 will be charged at your service provider’s standard network rate and the account holder will be billed by them to that line.

On receipt of a message from Cherry, you will be charged £5 (inclusive of VAT) from EE, Vodafone, Orange, T Mobile, O2 and Three, billed to the account holder. Please ensure that you have the bill payer’s permission before using the service. You will be credited with calling credit (value dependant on network, as per above) and we’ll issue you a PIN with that value - along with a UK Geographic landline telephone number to use the save. PIN numbers expire after sixty days from date of original purchase.

You will be charged as per your mobile network price plan, whenever you call the UK Geographical Landline number. This might be part of your monthly inclusive minutes allowance but please do check with your service provider to confirm this.

All calls with our cheap international call service are subject to a 5p connection fee and are charged by the minute. (Inclusive of VAT and apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when using the geographic access number) Rates are effective 01.07.2015 and can change without notice. The maximum purchase is £30 per day per mobile number. If we consider a call to be made unlawfully or fraudulently, we reserve the right to terminate it without warning and suspend any PINs that we feel have been potentially purchased fraudulently. Any outstanding calling credit will be cancelled and will not be refunded. The service is subject to availability. E&OE

By sending an SMS message to 68888, you are opting into our SMS marketing list and, from time to time, may receive messages that we feel may interest you.

Turkish Phone Codes

Area NameArea Code
Adana0090 + 322
Adiyaman0090 + 416
Afyon0090 + 272
Agri0090 + 472
Aksaray0090 + 382
Amasya0090 + 358
Ankara0090 + 312
Antalya0090 + 242
Ardahan0090 + 478
Artvin0090 + 466
Aydin0090 + 256
Balikesir0090 + 266
Bartin0090 + 378
Batman0090 + 488
Bayburt0090 + 458
Bilecik0090 + 228
Bingöl0090 + 426
Bitlis0090 + 434
Bolu0090 + 374
Burdur0090 + 248
Bursa0090 + 224
Denizili0090 + 258
Dlyarbakir0090 + 412
Edirne0090 + 284
Elazig0090 + 424
Erzincan0090 + 446
Erzurum0090 + 442
Eskisehir0090 + 222
Gaziantep0090 + 342
Giresun0090 + 454
Gümüshane0090 + 456
Hakkari0090 + 438
Hatay0090 + 326
Igdir0090 + 476
Isparta0090 + 246
Istanbul (Anatolia)0090 + 216
Istanbul (Thrace)0090 + 212
Izmir0090 + 232
Içel (Mersin)0090 + 324
K. Maras0090 + 344
Kahramanmaras0090 + 344
Karabük0090 + 370
Karaman0090 + 338
Kars0090 + 474
Kastamonu0090 + 366
Kayseri0090 + 352
Kilis0090 + 348
Kirikkale0090 + 318
Kirklareli0090 + 288
Kirsehir0090 + 386
Kocaeli (Izmit)0090 + 262
Konya0090 + 332
Kütahya0090 + 274
Malatya0090 + 422
Manisa0090 + 236
Mardin0090 + 482
Mobile0090 + 505,506,512,522,527
Mobile cont 10090 + 532-538,542-546,552-556
Mobile cont 20090 + 559,592,594,596
Mugla0090 + 252
Mus0090 + 436
Nevsehir0090 + 384
Nigde0090 + 388
Ordu0090 + 452
Osmanive0090 + 328
Rize0090 + 464
Sakarya (Adapazari)0090 + 264
Samsun0090 + 362
Sanliurfa0090 + 414
Siirt0090 + 484
Sinop0090 + 368
Sirnak0090 + 486
Sivas0090 + 346
Tekirdag0090 + 282
Tokat0090 + 356
Toll-Free0090 + 800
Trabzon0090 + 462
Tunceli0090 + 428
Usak0090 + 276
Van0090 + 432
Yalova0090 + 226
Yozgat0090 + 354
Zonguldak0090 + 372
Çanakkale0090 + 286
Çankiri0090 + 376
Çorum0090 + 364

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