Cheap Calls to India

Cheap Calls to India

Buy a phone card via our secure payment gateway and make cheap calls to India from any UK landline or mobile.

Ordering is simple - just select the value of phone card you require and pop your details in to our quick form. On completing your order, you'll instantly receive a PIN from us to the email address you submit.

To Order, click on the phone card value you'd like to buy:

Our current rates:

  • Calls to a landline: 2p/min
  • Calls to a mobile: 4p/min

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Using the phone card

Choose an access number below, enter your PIN and then dial your overseas number, starting 00 in the normal way. When you have finished, hang up as normal, or dial ## to make further calls.

Landline access: 0161 328 2888

Freephone Access: 0800 021 9000 (incurs a 1p/min surcharge when called from a landline, and 4p/min when called from a mobile)

Charging information

  • Billing is in one minute increments, rounded up to the nearest minute.
  • There is a 5p connection fee for each call.
  • Cards expire 60 days after first call.

SagePay Secure Payment All card payments are taken through the SagePay Secure Payment Gateway. This means you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your payment is being handled securely and efficiently.

Cheap Calls to India

For cheap calls to India you can’t do much better than Cherry Call. We provide outrageous savings for those looking to make cheap international calls from the UK, and that goes for both mobile and landline phone calls. All you have to do is decide how to pay for the calls and then we’ll do the rest. Getting in touch with your friends or family members has never been easier thanks to Cherry Call.

Prepaid Calls to India

We’re proud of our unique service which provides such cheap calls to India and other destinations all over the world. To use Cherry Call you simply need to decide how to pay for the calls and away you go. You can pay a number of different ways, including ordering a pre-paid phone card, texting the word CHERRY from your mobile to 68888 or dialling our special Cherry Call number. All payments made through the site are safe and secure, so don’t hesitate any longer and start making those cheap calls to India today.

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Why Choose Cherry Call for Cheap Calls to India?

Our mission is to help you save money with the cheapest international calls from the UK, and that goes for both mobiles and landlines. Our service covers a huge range of countries all over the world, and there are no daily fees or hidden charges to worry about. We’re completely up front about the price of our service and we’re confident you’ll be delighted when you save money with our prepaid calls to India.

For further details about Chery Call or the service that we provide, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a friendly member of our team today. We can help you cut down on your phone bill with low cost international phone calls, and we won’t rest until you’re happy with the service you receive.

Telephone numbers in India

 Land line numbers are at most 8 digits long (usually in major metros). The total length of all phone numbers (STD code and the phone number) in India is constant at 10 digits, for example 7513200000 signifies a STD code i.e. 751 Gwalior & the phone number 3200000. Due to the availability of multiple operators offering fixed line services (either over wire or wireless), there is an operator-code for each telephone number, which is the first digit in the phone number. These are:

  • 2 – BSNL and MTNL
  • 3 – Reliance Communications
  • 4 – Bharti Airtel
  • 6 – Tata Indicom

Thus, a number formatted as 020-30303030 means a fixed-line Reliance number in Pune, while 011-20000198 is an MTNL fixed line in Delhi and 033-45229320 is an Airtel number in Kolkata, and 07582-221434 is a BSNL number from Sagar.  (source: Wikipedia)


Indian Phone Codes

Area NameArea Code
Agra0091 + 562
Ahmedabad0091 + 79
Ajmer0091 + 145
Amritsar0091 + 183
Aurangabad0091 + 2432
Bangalore0091 + 80
Barmer0091 + 2982
Baroda0091 + 265
Beawar0091 + 1462
Bharatpur0091 + 5644
Bhilwara0091 + 1482
Bhopal0091 + 755
Bikaner0091 + 151
Bundi0091 + 747
Chandigarh0091 + 172
Chennai (Madras)0091 + 44
Chittorgarh0091 + 8572
Coimbator0091 + 422
Dehradun0091 + 135
Delhi0091 + 11
Deogarh0091 + 6432
Dholpur0091 + 5642
Fathepur Sikri0091 + 5619
Hyderabad0091 + 40
Jaipur0091 + 141
Jullundur0091 + 181
Kanpur0091 + 512
Kolkatta (Calcutta)0091 + 33
Kota0091 + 744
Lucknow0091 + 522
Manipal0091 + 8252
Mount Abu0091 + 2974
Mumbai (Bombay)0091 + 22
Mussooree0091 + 1362
Mysore0091 + 821
Nagaur0091 + 1582
New Delhi0091 + 11
Patna0091 + 612
Pune (Poona)0091 + 20
Pushkar0091 + 145
Rajkot0091 + 281
Ranthambhore National Park0091 + 7462
Sariska0091 + 144
Simla0091 + 177
Srinagar0091 + 194
Surat0091 + 261
Udaipur0091 + 294
Vadodara0091 + 265
Mobile0091 + 92,93,94,97,98

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