Cheap International Calls to Africa

Cheap calls to Africa including Algeria for 6p/min, South Africa for 10p/min and Mauritius for 13p/min.

Connecting with your loved ones has never been easier, with eye-watering cheap calls to Africa from Cherry Call. It’s impossible to put a price on staying connected to your loved ones, yet so many of us do. Wherever you are in the world, it’s important to have the assurance that your loved ones are just a phone call away, whether you want to share some important news or simply swap stories.

Now, with cheap international calls to Africa, it’s much easier to contact family and friends over the phone, either via mobile or landline. With no connection fees and low rates per minute, you can now stay connected for longer.

Whether you’re relaxing in your own home while you make calls on your landline, or needing a chat on your mobile while you’re on the go, choosing your method of contact is a choice you can make completely hassle free with Cherry Call’s cheap calls to Africa.

To call from your mobile, you won’t need to change your SIM or network provider – all you’ll need to do is call 090 4446 4444 to buy £5 worth of credit. You then need to enter your PIN, which will activate your £5 worth of international calls. It’s really that easy! If calling from a landline is more your speed, there’s no registration required and no fuss, just dial, connect and save!

Of course, if you’re more high-tech than most, you can now buy a phone card via our secure payment gateway online and make your cheap international calls from any UK phone. With £2, £5, £10 and £25 phone cards available, connecting with family in Africa has never been easier. Calls to Africa start from just 1p per minute, so you can chat for as long as you want.

Wherever you are in the UK, our access numbers are readily available for you to make your calls. With low rates per minute and a service ranging across the continent, making cheap calls to Africa is no longer a chore. With Cherry Call, not only will you connect easily with all your loved ones, but save while doing so!