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When you’re spending £50million on a footballer you need to watch every penny of your international phone calls budget

I know they give millions of people a huge amount of pleasure with their amusing hairstyles, bizarre full-body tattoos and acrobatic diving techniques. But are they really worth a salary of £350,000 a week? Premier League footballers, I’m talking about. I’m sure, despite their physical resemblance to those Orc chappies in Lord of the Rings, […]

CherryCall news July 2014 – UK calls

Dear Mr James. Isn’t it time you did something about expensive calls to British mobiles too? As regular readers will doubtless attest, it takes a lot to tweak the metaphorical nose of yours truly. It’s not an easy task to get the tightly-sculpted James jawbone dropping earthwards. Surprise is, let’s face it, my middle name. […]

Our Soaraway Super Summer Saver Sale Selection!

Call me old-fashioned (and I’m sure the bright young things of Cherry Call will be happy to oblige with no further prompting) but I can clearly remember a time, not so long ago, when shops only had sales twice a year. Once in January, to get rid of all the unwanted novelty dancing Santas and […]

Surely it can’t be four years already?

When every waking hour becomes a working hour, struggling to find yet more global opportunities for astonishing price reductions on international phone calls for the good folk of Britain, time does indeed tend to fly. Only last night I was jotting down a few target countries that we hadn’t cut the call rates to for […]