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Black Friday, Cyber Monday…it’s time for Cherry Tuesday!

Regular readers of my musings will know that I, Robin James, MD of Cherry Call have dedicated my professional life to bringing down the cost of international calls to a level that ordinary folk can afford. Calls for the masses, all day every day, you might say. Bargain is my middle name. “No it isn’t, […]

Is it really 25 years?

I was giving the Cherry Call team the benefit of my thoughts at our monthly get together in the back room of the Pork Scratching & Gussett. My talk was entitled “Stonkingly Cheap International Calls. One man’s journey.”

When you’re spending £50million on a footballer you need to watch every penny of your international phone calls budget

I know they give millions of people a huge amount of pleasure with their amusing hairstyles, bizarre full-body tattoos and acrobatic diving techniques. But are they really worth a salary of £350,000 a week? Premier League footballers, I’m talking about. I’m sure, despite their physical resemblance to those Orc chappies in Lord of the Rings, […]